Cs800d mods

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Cs800d mods

You picked up a new DMR radio!

Episode 74: How To Program a DMR Codeplug for a Hotspot

You maybe thinking, what have I gotten myself into? Good question. DMR is the first commercial mode adopted for ham radio use. Terminology and radio setup are familiar to those who program commercial gear. Doing so tends to leave most of us unable to change the configuration of our own radios.

My goal is to demonstrate how to program a DMR ham radio code plug from scratch. This will lead to understanding how code plugs work and how to modify them. I will demonstrate programming a code plug for an example repeater, hotspot, and simplex operation. In addition to this example, I recommend looking at available code plugs online to get an idea of different ways to improve yours.

This is how I learned to program code plugs. There is no central database or repository. Code plugs are scattered around the Internet and shared online. This makes sense because local users would know where to get a code plug. Ask others in the area with similar DMR radios where to find code plugs. Similar settings can be found in other programmers and radios. Functions of not-so-obvious radio settings are described in the appropriate sections.

Check radio packaging because some include the cable and software, others consider it an additional accessory. Third-party code plug editors provide this additional functionality.

Echo CS-8000 mods

All are freeware. Use at your own risk. This is my preferred MD editor. Sorting is accomplished by clicking the header columns. Radio CPS is still needed to write the code plug to the radio. The last three are free to use but please consider a donation to the developer if you find their work useful. I like to have a notification when the transmission is complete and the channel is free. Changes will be overwritten when the code plug is downloaded again to the radio.

This is a commercial carryover to keep users from screwing with the radio. Enter the program password, if needed, and voila.

In order to successfully program a code plug for a repeater, Color Code, talk group, and time slot configuration must be known.

cs800d mods

Also ask if the repeater has access to reflectors, if desired. A configuration example of a factitious repeater is outlined below. Private calls to individuals are never a mandatory part of repeater configuration. They are possible and will be shown as an example. I include private call channels for frequent contacts as part of my hotspot code plug. Labeling and organization of the code plug is user preference.I see this question posted often in several of the Facebook groups that I follow, and since I share codeplugs for multiple radios from one of my other websites, I get emails with this question also.

In this video I will show you how to setup a codeplug for the MD and for the CS so that you can use either radio with a hotspot. These instructions would apply to other radios also, using their respective software. For the T-shirts that I display at the beginning of this show, see links below.

All T-shirt sales go to help fund this video series. Read below or add a comment Can anyone please help, Thanks. What other hams see on the screen of their own radio has nothing to do with what you transmit. The hamradio2 site takes me back to the grapevine site. Help me out dude! This question gets asked many times in the various Facebook groups for DMR, so I wanted to make a video that shows how to do this.

cs800d mods

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Sign up to our newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How To Program a DMR Codeplug for use with a Hotspot I see this question posted often in several of the Facebook groups that I follow, and since I share codeplugs for multiple radios from one of my other websites, I get emails with this question also. Liked it? Take a second to support kc5hwb on Patreon!

KG5EXW says:. February 14, at am. February 19, at pm.

cs800d mods

Oscar Corral says:. October 10, at pm. October 16, at pm. Richard Charles Lalone says:. November 22, at am. Trackbacks Ham Radio 2. COM says:. December 29, at pm. Leave A CommentForums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.

Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mp5n Start date Oct 9, Oct 9, Joined Oct 29, Messages Location Pennsylvania. Picked up a real nice Echo CS Runs OK but sounds all choked up.

The muffler has a set of baffles inside, but the two halves are tack welded together in four places.

Amsmath example

I can break through the welds easy enough to allow me to modify the baffles then tack it back together. This is where I could use some advise. Would I be better off removing the baffles all together or just open them up. The exit plate for the exhaust is easy to open up.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to.

You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions. If you have comments, questions, or problems with this procedure please write to the Forums Manager.

We'll send a copy of the review along with your introduction. Send To:. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

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The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. This is a fine dual band radio, doing both digital and analog. Easy to program codeplugs in the program "ContactManager". Best rich audio on receive and mic audio is perfect. I want to mention after 10 months this is a great radio and make sure you have updated corrected firmware and software versus the early base 1.

I am running 6. Simply select the non-GPS 4. We have all heard the advice of many to make sure both the firmware and code plug software match or updated to latest available.

I take a full K contacts, and tried for more but surprisingly it was K contacts exactly. Simply add the countries you are interested in per internet until you achieve close to K on the of contacts indicator.

I did have a small mic ONLY, control problem where it went into xmit on channel up or down and menu did not work but used the TYT code plug organizer, saved the file and all worked well. I programmed all digital with minimal power out 5 watts, so you can run it off battery power or not.

I have grouped in the code plug various TAC channels together for instance, if you have available repeaters. When you upload the code plug your contacts will be off, need to turn on every time you upload.

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I use a Audiovox VR-1 TV volume controller from audio out, into a 10 watt audio amp and dual speakers. Bought two of these from different sites about a month apart. The first one I got from a fairly well known DMR radio dealer and I think I may have gotten one of his "refurbs" at full price!Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Classifieds New listings.

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Extrude and bevel photoshop

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software: Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value. All requests will be deleted and a forum infraction issued. Making a request such as this is attempting to engage in software piracy and this forum cannot be involved or associated with this activity.

The same goes for any private transaction via Private Message.

cs800d mods

Even if you attempt to engage in this activity in PM's we will still enforce the forum rules. Your PM's are not private and the administration has the right to read them if there's a hint to criminal activity.

If you are having trouble legally obtaining software please state so. We do not want any hurt feelings when your vague post is mistaken for a free request. It is YOUR responsibility to properly word your request. To obtain Motorola software see the Sticky in the Motorola forum.

The various other vendors often permit their dealers to sell the software online i. Please use Google or some other search engine to find a dealer that sells the software. Typically each series or individual radio requires its own software package.

One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. The conventional package is more reasonable though is still several hundred dollars. The benefit is you do not need multiple versions for each radio unlike Motorola. This is a large and very visible forum. We cannot jeopardize the ability to provide the RadioReference services by allowing this activity to occur.

Please respect this. JavaScript is disabled.Clearing a locked CSD zip. If your CSD is not responding normally, or turns on with only the mic and display lit and no text in the display, please download this package and follow the instructions included to clear out the memory and reset the radio to factory defaults.

Firmware Version MS This hopefully clears the problem where a conversation cuts out in the middle with a strong signal. We believe this was caused be going from the C baseband chip to the C baseband chip. The firmware did not account for new sync patterns that is allowed in that chip that did not happen in the older chip. We could no longer get it to fail in the direct mode but we could not test it with our test equipment in the repeater mode.

Please test it and tell us if the problem seems to be resolved.

Remix os

This test firmware did not make it better. Actualy it made it worse. It has been removed. This test firmware did not make the product better. The next firmware update will solve a problem with the digital monitor mode.

Gets rid of the occasional reboot problem. Allows you to reset radio if locked up. CPS Version 4. This CPS fixes a problem where a corrupted code plug causes the program and sometimes the radio to act erratically. This firmware is used on the latest hardware version of the CSD Version 3. Will not add any features to earlier hardware versions.

Flash Burn 3.One of the responsibilities of the Technical Coordinator in the Ohio Section is to submit something for the Section Journal. Once my article is published in the Journal, I will also make it available on my site with a link to the published edition. You can receive the Journal and other Ohio Section news by joining the mailing list Scott has setup. Please sign up! Those residing outside the section will need to use the mailing list link above. Updating your ARRL profile will deliver news from the section where you reside if the leadership chooses to use this method.

Go to www. Click Edit your Profile. You will be taken to the Edit Your Profile page. On the first tab Edit Infoverify your Email address is correct. Click the Edit Email Subscriptions tab. Click Save. Hey gang. Idle down time is an opportunity to learn something new, catch up on lingering projects, or improve operating skills — all while staying sane.

Improve operating skills can mean getting on the air, making conversation with new friends, checking in on our brethren, or practice being a better operator.

While everyone has downtime, not everyone is using it for good. The have also been holding informal nets on simplex frequencies. One can only speculate that they obtained a wonderful read: crappie BaoFeng radio for a couple bucks, figured out how to program it or are passing around a codeplug someone found or programmed for them. When these stations appear, first kindly remind them they are using a licensed service and obtaining a license is easy.

While they maybe illegally transmitting now, encouraging them to take a license exam will strengthen numbers and get them legal regardless. If, after repeated attempts of encouragement to become licensed, they continue to appear on frequencies, politely ask them to immediately stop transmitting.

Keep calm, cool, and collected on the air. DO NOT become irate. Continuing to transmit in this manner qualifies as willful or malicious interference. Do not engage them further. Contact the repeater owner or control operator and see if disabling the repeater is an option.

If shutting the repeater is not desired, see if the owner wants you to document incidents. The FCC requires specific information that includes dates, times, and frequency ies.

Audio recordings dramatically strengthens the case. Scanner Recorder automatically logs the date and time of the recordings. Verify the audio is clear and understandable by doing a sample recording.

Locating the offending station will take some work.


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