Tassie relics buy and sell

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Tassie relics buy and sell

Welcome to the Arrowheads. We are excited to be able to offer collectors this venue for locating and acquiring guaranteed authentic artifacts for their collections, and we hope your shopping experience here is relaxing and successful. Our stores specialize in the following relics:. Flint Artifacts Misc. Hard Stone Artifacts Misc. View stores updated in last 48 hours Birckheads Arrowheads R. Jump to your favorite store Arrowheads. Gorgets Pendants Pipes Plummets Pottery and many other specialty items.

Just Posted. Featured Artifacts of the Week. Oxford Trading Company is based in historic Oxford, Mississippi. Browse Store. Hello and welcome to my Store on Arrowheads. I specialize in most Recently Updated Stores L. Native American Pride Updated On: Apr 18, Total Items: Only sell authenticate artifacts with either COA items or personal gu Greetings, I am Walter Williams, a long-time Texas collector.

I spec Welcome to Birckheads Arrowheads. My Names is James Birckhead. I started collecting Thanks for checking out my store, my name is Roy Autry; some collect Welcome to my store. My name is Rick Cozart, I have been hunting and Strom's Native Americ Updated On: Apr 16, Total Items: Hello my name is Jeremy Strom and this is my store. I have been colle Hello my name is Lance Kokas, I have been collecting relics for over Stoned with Flint's T Updated On: Apr 08, Total Items: 1.Special Information Please make a selection.

Relics of Saints Offered for Sale! Are you looking for an authentic relic for private or public veneration? If so, please read the following warning and information. At the end of the Twentieth Century, on the eve of the Third Millennium, an illicit trade in relics authentic or otherwise is flourishing.

A number of antique dealers and profiteers have somehow obtained relics of the saints - fragments of their bodies or clothing, or even relics of Jesus Christ such as splinters of the True Cross - and are selling them at incredibly inflated prices, at enormous profit to themselves, without any regard for the sacred character of these objects or for the law of the Church the source of these relics which strictly forbids such activities.

These sales are taking place in antique shops and flea markets and even on the internet. Typically hundreds of dollars are charged for relics that originally must have been obtained from Church sources for a minimal donation of perhaps 15 dollars for what donation means in this context, see below.

Some relics have even fetched over dollars, 95 percent of which is profit for the dealer. The information provided by these dealers is frequently inaccurate, and displays their ignorance of these matters. Often they seem to want to ensnare vulnerable or desperate people, for example by suggesting that the relics they are selling might work miracles.

This trade is both cynical and sacrilegious, and since it may be assumed that those who wish to obtain relics are devout Christians of some sort, this information has been posted here as a warning and a guide.

Without pointing a finger in any particular direction, it is worth pointing out that in any market where objects have a value because of their associations there is always the possibility of fakes being passed off as the real thing. Equally it is worth bearing in mind that the source of relics offered for sale by intermediaries is not always clear.

It is a fact that from time to time relics are stolen from churches, and it is also a fact that thieves usually only steal what they can sell. Be warned. In charity, we must assume that the false claims sometimes made by dealers are a result of their ignorance rather than a deliberate attempt to deceive. Nonetheless you should be aware of these typical misleading claims. Dealers sometimes state that the relics they offer are first class when there is no evidence that this is so.

tassie relics buy and sell

They seem to assume that anything that has been sealed into a theca the round metal locket used to contain relics is a first class relic. Not so! Second and third class relics are frequently distributed in this way. First class relics are parts of the bodies of the saints, such as fragments of bone, or the instruments of Our Lord's Passion such as the True Cross.

Nothing else whatever is a first class relic, and strictly speaking only these are canonically entitled to be called relics at all. Other items that the saints used in their lives such as clothing are called second class relics; third class relics are simply objects that have been touched to first or second class relics.

This is just rubbish. Remember that the items being sold were obtained from these sources originally without any difficulty, and probably for about a twentieth of the price that you are being asked to pay. Most relics when originally issued are accompanied by a document of authentication warranting the veneration of the relic. Dealers like to make much of these if they have them, stressing irrelevant facts such as the number of tassels on the seal an heraldic device which has nothing to do with the relic or the degree of authority attached to the authentication.

But the dealers, it seems, cannot read Latin, or they would realise that the document is more than just a guarantee of authenticity. It is a legal document which probably constitutes a contract, as it usually contains a clause stating that the relic may be kept by the person to whom it is given, or given to another, in accordance with the norms of ecclesiastical law which forbids the sale of relics.

Likewise anyone who accepts a relic accepts the conditions stated in the accompanying document. A contract is still a contract even if written in Latin!

This is typically fifteen dollars obviously more if the container is silver etc.

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Now, clearly, a donation is simply to cover costs. You are only paying for the container, the relic is a gift Just try selling an empty theca and see how far you get Small cards and medals with relics stuck on them are distributed in very large numbers by religious orders, often to promote a beatification or canonisation, and are either given away free or for a very nominal donation. These have no financial value, and there is no justification for charging anything beyond the cost of postage for them.View previous campaigns.

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tassie relics buy and sell

Allie's Vintage Alley. Brenda's Jewelry Box. Mooncat Antiques. Fruit Jar Telephone Lightning Widemouth. Hallelujah Vintage. Dinnerware Replacements. Daryls Clocks Galore. Art, Artifacts, Antiques, Books, and Collectibles. Blue Glazed Art Pottery Vase. Vintage J. Audubon Virginian Deer Print. Minnesota's Attic.

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Joann's Junque. A Path to Peace. Fort Logan Contemporaries. Murano Art Glass Duck.

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A Date In Time. Ads By Dee.

tassie relics buy and sell

Midwest Emporium. Donna's Korner Kollectibles. Imperfect Perfection. Royal Haeger x 7. Yesteryear Here. Oklahoma Run. The Good Ole' Days. Antique Finds.Knowing how to sell antiquesincluding what to do and what to expect, before you approach a dealer can make a big difference in how well your deal goes down.

Peruse the following tips for some hints to prepare you for a successful sale to an antique dealer in your hometown. Most seasoned pros have likely been burned before by people who took advantage of their knowledge in the past.

It's quite a slap in the dealer's face when someone takes up their time as a potential seller only to walk away with the item intending to sell it elsewhere. Do some research to determine the value before you ever attempt to sell an antique. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the piece closely, too, since that has a major impact on how much it will be worth.

This will help you get a ballpark idea of what you might get for the item through a direct dealer sale. That's great. In many instances, it's worth it. Many antique dealers require the seller to state his or her asking price as a starting point for negotiation. You can start negotiations somewhat above that benchmark to see how high the dealer is willing to go.

If you luck out, your item may be something the shopkeeper has a ready market for or wants to add to their collection so he or she will be happy to take it at your starting price. If not, they will likely make a counteroffer and you can negotiate further from there.

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The dealer might not be willing to sell it back for the price he or she paid you anyway. You may be better off pawning the item for a loan at a shop that deals in antiques and collectibles if you need the money and aren't sure about completely letting go just yet. Just know that if you miss a loan payment to a pawnbroker, you'll forfeit your rights to ownership.

Part of letting go of an antique is moving on after the sale and not looking back. Secrets to Buying and Selling Antiques. Read More.Decades ago, buying and selling antiques was solely the tradecraft of serious antique dealers, high-end auction houses, and heavy rollers—now, anyone can do it.

It can be a hobby for "pickers" or diligent perusers of yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions, or it can be turned into a business.

In recent years, its popularity has taken off with the explosion of online auction sites and TV shows centered on the topic. If you are just starting out, then antique buying and selling can seem daunting. However, great bargains can be found if you learn some tricks on how to find them. Take a look at some tips that savvy collectors use for deciding on whether to buy an item and how to sell it. Looking for bargain buys online is a fun way to snag items for resale.

In order to turn a profit, you have to be diligent about researching the item, examining the auction post, and asking the seller questions before you buy. Take the time to closely examine the photos. Fakes often look too new or show absolutely no wear or aging. Also, if the seller has many duplicates of an item, this can be a red flag indicating a mass-produced knock off.

Request more information from the seller if they have left anything out. Delve deeper if a seller lists an item in excellent condition. In that case, directly ask the seller if the item has any notable condition issues.

Look into the seller and verify that there is a return policy. If they misrepresent an item or overlook a flaw, chances are good that eBay will make the seller take the item back regardless of their policy. If the seller specifies no returns, and you're a bit uneasy about an item's condition or authenticity, then send them a note specifying that if the item is a reproduction, it will be returned and a refund is expected.

Check the seller's reputation by looking at their feedback. If an item has a signature or manufacturing marks on it, make sure you understand what those marks mean.

It can guide you to finding a date on an object or even help you spot a fake. A useful guide for deciphering marks on pottery and stoneware is "Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks for Pottery and Porcelain. If you plan to use eBay to sell your itemslook online for similar items before listing your item. Compare how the item is priced and its condition. See how the other sellers word their listings. This gives you a good idea of how to develop your own listing. Make sure you write a title with the keywords that buyers would use to search for your item.

Filling the title and listing with those keywords helps it get noticed. Provide great photos that help buyers make astute decisions think of your own experiences and what you look for.

If you have an idea of the value of your antiques or have a price in mind that is the lowest you will go, you can set a reserve or a starting bid this is an extra expense on eBay. If the bidding does not reach the seller's reserve price at the end of the auction, it is at the discretion of the seller to sell to the top bidder or not. It is a rookie mistake to end an auction early.

Remember that the market sets the price for an item and many bidders will wait until the last minute to put in their bids, driving up the price.Antique Jewellery. Antique Furniture. Antique Lighting. Welcome to LoveAntiques. No matter what type of Antiques you are looking to buy or sell, we are a marketplace with a wide variety of antiques for sale online.

All the antiques for sale on LoveAntiques. If you have any questions about what you see for sale, you can contact the seller directly, and they will be able to answer your questions about their product.

We have thousands of genuine antiques available including art, books, jewellery, furniture, glassware, watches, and much more. You can see some of the latest items for sale below which have all been added by our registered dealers. Click to see more recently added antiques Above you can see some of the latest items to be added to our website by our certified dealers.

Whether you are looking for Georgian antiques, Victorian antiques, Edwardian antiques, or even Art Deco antiques, you will easily be able to find something that is going to suit your requirements, taste, as well as your budget. With so many high-quality antique items available, the one trouble that you may have is choosing which one to buy.

Using our website also allows you to purchase from antique dealers in London, or anywhere else in the country, so gives you access to a wide selection of stock.

There are many ways you can use LoveAntiques. You can browse through our extensive category list or you can be more specific. Search by:. Our fully comprehensive antique store contains thousands of rare and unique items from dealers selling antiques and vintage style items worldwide.

tassie relics buy and sell

Offering high-quality antiques and decorative items, often only seen at your local antique shop, roadshow or antique fairs. Browse and buy antiques online with complete confidence at LoveAntiques. One thing that you can be assured of when purchasing from the antique dealers that trade on our website is that they are all appropriately vetted, as well as each item they place on the site for sale.

There are a few things that you will want to consider before purchasing antiques online, such as the age, condition, rarity, collectability, and provenance.

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All these factors can influence the value of an item, so are questions that you should ask the antique dealers online before making your purchase. You may also wish to look at the latest trends for antiques online in the UK, which will help you to gauge how much demand there is for an item in the current marketplace. The LoveAntiques.

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There are many benefits from using our website for both collectors and dealers:. One of the most significant benefits of buying from LoveAntiques. You can contact the dealers directly and ask any questions that you may have about their products, as well as pay for your purchases securely using either card payments, or PayPal.

With every dealer being scrutinised before they join LoveAntiques. If you are a dealer and have items that are vintage, antique, or collectable for sale, LoveAntiques.News-Makers, Worldwide - Record setters, items making a buzz, and treasures found.

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Some old-news, however, we're in the process of a re-boot, so we've bumped-it to the top. Highest-Bid Items on eBay - Today's most-wanted items, by buyers in the auction-crowd. Most-Watched on eBay Today - Items with the most-shoppers watching, by using their watchlist.

Archive contains old-reports from our early days. May help with identification, price-trend-analysis and past price research.

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However, past-prices do not reflect the current market. Do your due diligence. Find out, with these free do-it-yourself resources that can help you estimate the auction value of nearly any antique, anytime, anywhere, worldwide.

The Best Free Antique Guides See the top free antique guides based on votes in the eBay community providing a wealth of information for profitably buying and selling antiques. Learn more. Found Worldwide Most-Wanted. Quick Answer About Us Contact. See what-sells-best among antiques in your home, community and world. And potentially find a treasureyou never knew you had. All Rights Reserved.

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